Letters in Need


I’m feeling pretty helpless at the moment, as I’m sure you are too. I’m especially worried about the countless people–many elderly and vulnerable–who now find themselves isolated in their homes, alone, unable to see friends and family, some facing months with very little human contact, if any at all.

At the risk of furthering their suffering, I’d like to try sending a letter to some of these people. Nothing deep, just something to take their minds off the current crisis. A moment of connection. A message through the post that isn’t terrifying. If all of this [gestures at all the letters] has taught me anything over the years, it’s that the very act of receiving a friendly letter can do wonders.

For now, this is UK only (sorry, need to keep costs down), and for practical reasons, each person will receive the same letter, but I’ll make sure it begins with their name. I’ll include my PO Box address should anyone wish to reply. Another idea was to connect keen letter writers with vulnerable people, but I’m nervous about the potential dangers of such an arrangement, particularly in the current climate. So I’m keeping things simple.

Should you know of anyone who may appreciate one of these letters, please enter their details below. That person can of course be you. These details will not be shared with anyone, and addresses will be deleted as soon as the letter has been posted. I’m embarking on this with my wife and fellow prisoner, Karina. Please bear with us while we get settled in. We’ll post as many as we can, time and cost permitting.

Any questions: need@lettersofnote.com

With fingers crossed,