Diaries of Note

Dear all,

On 1st January of this year, after what feels like centuries of preparation, I launched Diaries of Note, and though incredibly difficult to plan, the premise is simple: every single day, on the Diaries of Note website, I am featuring a single diary entry from history, published on the same day and month that it was originally written. So, for example, on 31st January I featured the diary of Flannery O’Connor, and reprinted an entry written on 31st January in 1944; on 13th January, it was a diary entry of Nelson Mandela‘s, written on 13th January of 1990, and so on. Importantly, no diarist will ever appear twice, which means that by 31st December 2023, you will have been transported back in time through the diaries of 365 different people. In January alone there were journal entries from the likes of Katherine Mansfield, Leo Tolstoy, Keith Richards, Beatrix Potter, Edvard Munch, and 26 others. Some of these people will already be known to you; others you will be meeting for the first time. Some entries will be no longer than a few words; others will need a little more of your attention. All are of note.

Please do take a look. It’s a daily blog, but there is also a daily newsletter in which I send these entries straight to your inbox. It’s all free, though donations are much appreciated. The response so far has been fantastic, and word is spreading fast. I’d love for as many people as possible to experience this journey with me.


P. S. I recently launched the first ever Letters of Note print in our shop. More details here.

(Photo of Anne Frank’s diary: Katie Falkenberg/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)