Ought women not to be abolished altogether?

On March 28th of 1912, an eminent bacteriologist named Almroth Wright wrote a lengthy, pompous letter to The Times in which he argued that women should not be allowed to vote, and in fact should be kept away from politics altogether, due to their supposed psychological and physiological deficiencies. Unsurprisingly his opinion generated many responses, the best

If membership is restricted to men, the loss will be ours

Early-1981, following IBM’s withdrawal of support due to the organisation’s continued exclusion of women within its ranks, renowned astronomer Carl Sagan sent the following impassioned letter to each and every fellow member of The Explorers Club—an international society dedicated to scientific exploration since its inception in 1904—and argued for a change of policy. Later that

Men mellow, Women become battleaxes

13th March, 1963: Mr. A. R. Taysom, an Australian bureaucrat, writes the following letter to his boss and Director of Trade Commissioner Services, K. L. Le Rossignol. The minute paper – basically a list of reasons as to why females shouldn’t be employed as trade commissioners – is a reminder of the blatantly sexist attitudes

Stop making “bums” of the school boys

The following plea was sent to then Postmaster General James Farley in 1934, at the height of the Great Depression. At this time especially, many men – particularly those out of work – were of the opinion that all employed females should be stripped of their jobs and replaced by men.  Source Transcript Jackson, Miss.8/2/34

The creative work is performed by young men

Back in 1938, women who applied for animation jobs at Disney were destined to receive a visually attractive but ultimately depressing rejection letter like the one below — a missive in which it was advised to instead shoot for a lower star in the tracing department; a place where, it seems, ladies could be trusted with ink. Interestingly,