i’m still listening, it’s fun

Below, from the pen of Iggy Pop, is a charming handwritten knock-back to a young Austrian fan named Heinz Riegler. Many years ago Riegler had, on the off-chance, sent Iggy a cassette tape containing his band’s latest album, along with a letter in which he asked the Stooges frontman to feature on one of their

Our gods are assholes

Iggy Pop had more to say following his interview with Plazm magazine in 1995; so much so in fact, that he sent the following fax to journalist Joshua Berger in order to further their recent chat. Currently holed up in Warsaw on a tour of Europe, Iggy’s thoughts were focused entirely on his home country

Hang on, my love, and grow big and strong

It took nine months for Iggy Pop to reply to then-21-year-old Laurence’s fan letter, but really the timing couldn’t have been more perfect as on the morning his thoughtful note did arrive at her home in Paris, Laurence’s family were being evicted by bailiffs. Laurence recalls that moment back in 1995: “By the time I