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Jimi Hendrix sent the following letter to Reprise Records in September of 1968. It was essentially a set of fairly strict instructions with regard to the sleeve design of his forthcoming record, Electric Ladyland: a photo of the band surrounded by kids in Central Park, taken by Linda McCartney, was to feature on the front

Your loving son, Jimi

October, 1966: Very soon after forming The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Jimi Hendrix writes a postcard to his father back home in the U.S. and fills him in on recent developments. Two months later — as mentioned by Jimi — the band’s first single, “Hey Joe,” was released. Their debut album, “Are You Experienced,” soon followed; it is

Happiness is within you…

Please excuse me while I exhibit another music-related letter, again courtesy of the near-bottomless Hard Rock Memorabilia vaults. Today’s poetic gem was penned rather beautifully by the late Jimi Hendrix on an unknown date, to a girlfriend he affectionately called ‘little girl’. It’s all at once exceptionally sweet, gently encouraging and yet another example of