Even the most sophisticated society can still fall prey to an invasion of monsters

Early-1966, celebrated journalist Alex Haley bravely entered the headquarters of the American Nazi Party in Virginia and proceeded to interview its founder – retired U.S. Navy Commander, George Lincoln Rockwell – for Playboy Magazine; to further intensify the situation, Rockwell, until then unaware of his interviewer’s African roots, sat through the entire meeting within reach of a

20 years of experience dictates the following…

When he began scripting dramas for television in the late-’40s/early-’50s, screenwriter Rod Serling was something of a pioneer in what were then largely uncharted waters. Before long his talents were recognised: in 1955 his teleplay, Patterns, won huge acclaim; then, in 1959, the first episode of his greatest hit, The Twilight Zone, graced the screens.