Letters of Note (New Edition)

An updated edition of the original Letters of Note book: an internationally bestselling collection of the world’s most entertaining, inspiring and unusual letters–a book-shaped museum that will grip and fling you from one emotion to the next, and a celebration of the power of written correspondence which captures the humour, seriousness, sadness and brilliance that make up all of our lives.

28 Oct 2021

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I miss you so very much, Ryan

In December of 1984, 13-year-old Ryan White was given 6 months to live after contracting AIDS during a contaminated treatment for hemophilia, a blood condition with which he had lived since birth. By June of 1985, keen to resume as normal a lifestyle as possible, Ryan attempted to return to school; however, due to ignorance

Never get a bulldog

When he wrote this letter to his mother in 1944, Roald Dahl was working at the British Embassy in Washington, D.C.—one of hundreds of undercover agents employed by Britain’s MI6 foreign intelligence service to spy on the United States. Dahl’s debut novel, The Gremlins, had been published the year before, and it would be another

You would be so proud

Uhuru Houston was born in Brooklyn in 1969. He joined the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department in 1993, and three years later married Sonya, whom he had met when they were both students at Norfolk State University. In 1999, he was assigned to the World Trade Center. On the morning

I’ve got a hunch

In July of 1938, American novelist Thomas Wolfe was struck down with pneumonia and taken to hospital. He was soon diagnosed as having tuberculosis of the brain, from which he would never recover. Wolfe died on 15th September, aged just 37. A month before his death, as he lay in hospital, Wolfe wrote to his