Dear Friends

On December 14th of 1999, a few weeks after discovering he had colon cancer, cartoonist Charles Schulz wrote the following open letter and announced his retirement from drawing the Peanuts comic strip — a widely adored publishing phenomenon that was read by hundreds of millions of people during its 50 year lifespan. Sadly, just two months after writing the letter, on

I have never drawn PEANUTS for children

Image: Jeff Overturf Reader David Desmond remembers fondly the day he received the following letter from the late-Charles Schulz, creator of what is widely considered to be one of the greatest comic strips ever created: Peanuts. I can still recall the feelings of amazement and excitement that I experienced when I received this letter. Even then

Number One Snoopy Place

A couple of days ago, as the axe was barely settling in the head of Charlotte Braun, I was alerted to another letter by Peanuts creator Charles Schulz. He wrote this one back in 1986, in response to an inquisitive letter from a 15 year old boy named Randee. Randee had questioned Schulz regarding what

The Ax

On November 30th, 1954, a character by the name of Charlotte Braun made her debut in the much-loved comic strip, Peanuts. Loud, brash and opinionated, “Good Ol’ Charlotte Braun” quickly annoyed the strip’s readers and on February 1st, 1955 — after just 10 sightings — she appeared in a storyline for the last time. 45